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Energy Conservation Measures

Energy conservation and energy efficiency can be achieved in many ways.  If you are considering replacing your building’s heating/cooling system, please visit our ground-source heat pump information center to learn about the most efficient space-conditioning systems available today.

If you are interested in tightening up your building and reducing your energy bills, you’ve come to the right place.  A visit from the CET installation crew usually leaves customers marveling at how much more comfortable their home feels – free of drafts, with more even temperatures throughout, and a more comfortable humidity level.  The real treat, though, comes from the reduced fuel and electricity bills.

Among the energy conservation measures our auditors may recommend:




Airsealing will reduce drafts, reduce heating and cooling energy usage, and improve indoor humidity control.


Reduces building heat loss/heat gain.  May be installed in attics, kneewalls, sidewalls, and floors.  Some insulation types (such as foam or dense-packed cellulose) bring airsealing benefits as well.

High-efficiency Windows

Although new windows are not required as often as one might think, replacing old or failed windows with the latest, energy-efficient models can bring substantial energy savings.

Electronic Setback Thermostats

The tight temperature control and smart setback features of modern electronic thermostats can bring amazing energy savings as well as improved comfort.

Efficient Lighting

Most often a compact fluorescent (CF) lamp can replace an incandescent bulb,  or a dedicated CF fixture can replace an incandescent fixture.  CF lighting products provide equal or increased lighting while consuming only ¼ to ⅓ the power.  CF lamps are available in a huge variety of wattages, shapes, and color temperatures to suit every application.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Efficient faucets and showerheads save you money in two ways:  reduced water/sewer bills and reduced water-heating bills.  CET carries a full line of efficient (and satisfying to use) low-flow plumbing fixtures.



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