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Energy Modeling

Modeling is crucial to accurate sizing of HVAC equipment.  Improperly sized equipment is common – even typical – and carries high costs in energy and comfort, and sometimes even in occupant health or building durability.

Heating/Cooling Load Modeling

CET uses the latest software to implement the industry-standard ACCA Manual J heat load analysis method.  We gather complete details about your building’s location, dimensions, construction, insulation, infiltration, and compass orientation.  We then produce a report detailing your building’s energy consumption throughout the year.  This can help you make decisions about the size and type of HVAC system to install, the effect of specifying higher-efficiency windows, more insulation, and so on. 

Energy-Use Modeling

Usually used as part of a Weatherization Energy Audit, energy-use modeling can be a highly effective way to explore the likely effect of building improvements you are considering.  When integrated into a comprehensive energy audit, modeling provides a powerful way for you to choose the most cost-effective measures.  Our report details the likely energy and cost savings associated with specific measures – from low-flow showerheads to a complete heating system retrofit – allowing you to make informed decisions.



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