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CET offers a full spectrum of energy services, from energy auditing and thermal/energy modeling to weatherization and energy efficiency measures.  We offer energy delivery technology ranging from ultra-efficient ground-source heat pumps to renewable energy systems such as wind turbines, solar photovoltaics, and solar thermal.

CET's experience encompasses energy at all stages: from on-site production to efficient delivery systems, from demand reduction to efficient appliances.  You get maximum benefit from our integrated approach -- if you are exploring a renewable energy system, our weatherization and energy-efficiency expertise can show you how to reduce your energy needs first -- which can bring renewables within your reach.

 If you are looking to reduce your energy bills, our auditors have the know-how to point out energy-saving opportunities throughout your house.  Because we perform computerized energy modeling, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive proposal before undertaking any  work, including estimates of the cost and the energy and dollar savings of all proposed measures.





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